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Bao Yo Jei Corporation Limited

Since BYJ was founded in 2001, we have been step-by-step pushing our own brand name BYJ to become world-renowned professional brand of precision oil filtration system. There are not a whole lot of other products on the market that can once for all solve the issue of oil deterioration and recover the value of oil. Therefore we have been working very hard hoping to change the old concepts of enterprises on oil used for machinery, and make sure that the value of every single drop of oil can be maximized. 


Thanks for the recognition from friends in all fields of the incredible filtering effectiveness of BYJ high precision oil filtration system. Our customers have been ranging from high tech industry to steel smelting heavy industry, and we are the only brand name high precision oil filtration system with the “Superior Domestic Environmental Protection Equipment” certificates issued by Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs. BYJ precision oil filtration system is not only your good helping hands in terms of production cost reduction, but also the guide for you to enter green lives with environmental protection.


Environmental Protection

Energy consumption has been increased exponentially in response to the advancing technology, and it has become the major topic for all countries over the world to devote their efforts to saving the one and only Earth by energy saving and waste reduction, BYJ has set foot in Taiwan with enterprise spirit of “The road to green life starts from energy saving”, and we have developed effective BYJ Precision Oil Filtration System enabling multiple use of oil. We invite all of you to join us in loving and protecting the Earth with practical actions.



In recent years the whole world has begun to worry about the depletion of limited energy such that the price for oil has continued to grow due to the multiple applications. In light of this trend, BYJ has devoted manpower and resources to develop solution of reusable oil with the objectives of improving the waste of oil and reducing the environmental pollution cause by waste oil. After a long period of research and development effort, we finally develop BYJ Precision Oil Filtration System which can filter impurity and water with high precision without losing additives, and allow multiple uses of all kinds of oil-based oil with one single process flow. This is the best choice for businesses to greatly reduce the cost and consumption of oil.



BYJ only provides our customers with products of the highest qualities. The materials we used are all made in Taiwan or from world-renowned countries such as US, Japan, and European countries. We insist on using durable components such that we guarantee that you receive products worthy of every penny you paid.


Stable Production Capability

Among various operational costs, the product cost can be controlled. The first priority for lowering production cost is to ensure proper operation of production equipments. 90% of the breakdown incidents of machines using lubricants during operation are due to oil pollution. The constant use of BYJ Precision Oil Filtration System will keep lubricant clean at all times, reduce the cost and downtime of maintenance and repair, maintain stable production quality and capacity, and greatly reduce the production cost.



  1. No oil change for ten years.
  2. On line filtering.
  3. As the filtering time gets longer, the oil gets cleaner. It will stabilize mechanical operation and prolong the service life of machinery. The production quality can be maintained by reducing the rate of defective products. The stoppage of production line can be prevented such that production capacity can be improved. The reduction of maintenance fee will contribute to the reduced production cost and the enhancement of competitiveness.
  4. To invest one year worth of oil change cost on absolutely effective oil filtering equipment, in return you will get ten years free of oil change, and the luxury of using production machinery equipment without worries.
  5. The physical filtering mechanism of BYJ Precision Oil Filtration System will only filter out impurities and water which are incompatible with oil while the additives of oil will not be filtered, and the oil color change under high temperature will not be recovered.


Market Segment

BYJ Precision Oil Filtration System is application for all oil-based oil.

  1. For example: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, Vacum Pump Oil etc.
  2. The examples according to the categories of machinery industries: Plastic Injection Molding machine, Blow Molding machine, Shoe Making machine, Punching machine, EDM machine, Rubber machine, Extrusion machine,  Automated machinery, Wire-drawing facility; Working Vehicles such as Cranes and Forklifts, and CNC Lathes, etc.
  3. You can choose BYJ Precision Oil Filtration System according to the Oil tank volume of machine or the flow rate per minute you need.


Sales Records

  1. There have been BYJ’s foot prints all over Taiwan among industries such as Plastic Injection Molding industry, Shoe Making industry, Textile industry, Steel industry, Metal Polishing Industry, Precision Electronics industry, Discharging Processing industry, Airline Industry etc.
  2. There have been direct exports to Mainland China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Ecuador, and Brazil.
  3. Currently there are overseas sales branches in Mainland China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam,Indonesia and India, but the number will be increased gradually.

Established in:2001
Markets:World Wide
Main Products:Precision Oil Filtering Machine, Precision Oil Filter
Factory:Taiwan, R.O.C.
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Kao, Hwou-Wang
Contact:Fanny Kao
Address:No.55, Lane 126, Sec. 2, Kuang-fu Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Messenger:skype : byjkao