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Bao Yo Jei Corporation Limited

BYJ Precise filter selects materials from the boreal forest across Europe, Asia and North America. The boreal forest is located on the sourthern side of the tundra. Since the growing season is longer, some of the boreal blomers have developed into forests theat are scattered along the mountains with a 2500-3000ms height above sea level. The boreal forests are also known as the Taiga forests.

By using the special characteristic inboreal trees, long slender fiber pulps are used to produce paper materials in a special manufacturing process. The filter paper created with this process will possess excellent abilities in water absorption. Fibers will not be separated from filter created with process. and our excellent quailty filter offer higher performance compared to other filter with the same usage!

Other brands use low cost short slender fiber pulps often creating filter with low water absorption abilities, and fibers may "be separated from the filter" that cause secondary contamination to oil. This may also increase the potential risk of causing damage to the oil pump and hydraulic cylinder.

Since BYJ was founded in 2001, we have been step-by-step pushing our own brand name BYJ to become world-renowned professional brand of precision oil filtration system. There are not a whole lot of other products on the market that can once for all solve the issue of oil deterioration and recover the value of oil. Therefore we have been working very hard hoping to change the old concepts of enterprises on oil used for machinery, and make sure that the value of every single drop of oil can be maximized.